Occupational Therapy

We enhance independence through targeted skill development.

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Parent and Caregiver Training

We empower families with efficient strategies for positive outcomes.

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ABA Therapy

We promote behavior change and skill acquisition with precision.

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We strive to meet your standards and deliver the support your child needs. Continue browsing to learn more about our services.

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Introducing Golden Stars ABA

Autism Therapy Services in Texas

Children and pre-teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder require individualized support from professionals who possess a deep understanding of their unique needs. This is exactly where our services come into play.

We offer each child a dedicated therapist, who specializes in teaching the essential skills necessary for school readiness.

We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

GOLDEN STARS ABA (GSA) therapy believes in high-quality ABA therapy and the client’s potential to excel without limitations. Our treatment goal is to prepare children for academic, social, and personal success.

About Us
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Insurance Accepted

Check out the insurance plans we accept here at Golden Stars ABA.

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Meet Our Professionals

Get to know our professionals dedicated to serving your child’s needs.

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  • Established that Intensive We maximize the effectiveness of interventions and address challenging behaviors more comprehensively.
  • Intellectual Functioning We facilitate the individual's ability to navigate and succeed in various academic and daily life tasks.
  • Socially Significant Behavior We empower them to engage in meaningful relationships and experience a greater sense of inclusion and belonging.
  • Benefits of ABA Therapy ABA therapy enhances their overall quality of life, independence, and social integration.