We tailor our approach to meet the specific requirements of each client we serve.

Our team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) will collaborate with families to develop and implement an individualized program for their child. Therapy can be provided in the comfort of the client’s home or at the GSA center, depending on the assessed needs and recommendations of the BCBA. Parents will receive guidance from a BCBA to learn how to apply ABA techniques at home. Additionally, a customized Behavioral Intervention Plan will be created to meet the client’s individual needs and address the family’s behavioral objectives.

Our BCBAs are assigned manageable caseloads to ensure that each client receives adequate supervision and effective therapy. They design the treatment plan, which outlines the specific skills to be focused on during instruction. Our behavior technicians will then provide one-on-one therapy based on the treatment plan to support the clients. Depending on the individual needs and support required by each client, they will be categorized into one of the following groups:


(35 hours per week of direct one-on-one ABA Therapy).

Special Programs

such as Early Intervention & Classroom Readiness such as School shadowing (35 hours per week of direct services).


(15-25 hours per week of direct one-on-one ABA Therapy).

Our services include the following:

woman teach the young woman

Occupational Therapy

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child writing with her therapist

Parent And Caregiver Training

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ABA Therapy

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