We nurture independence and strive to empower each child to reach their full potential.

GSA’s Autism Treatment Philosophy

At our organization, our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts providing ABA therapy in Houston, Texas, design behavior treatment plans with the goal of facilitating appropriate communication and optimizing brain development in children with autism spectrum disorder. Our plans help children reduce undesirable behavioral and communication patterns, enabling them to express themselves functionally and appreciate the world around them. Our aim is to foster greater independence and help each child achieve their own level of success, both in the short and long term.

We are dedicated to putting our clients first, and our programs are designed with their best interests in mind. We use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as a flexible treatment that can be customized to meet each child’s unique needs, utilizing positive reinforcement to drive progress.

Transparency and honesty are essential values for us, and we promise to keep our clients fully informed about their child’s progress and our program. We are committed to working collaboratively with families to achieve the best possible outcomes for their children.

Our Facility Of Autism Therapy Services

Our beautiful autism therapy services are currently being built in the heart of Houston, Galleria location. The center is open from Monday to Saturday. The ABA clinics will be designed as a mock classroom setting to prepare our children for the transition to a real school environment. GSA Learning Centers resemble typical school environments with areas designated for group activities, play centers, and table-based instruction.

Client safety is our number 1 priority. Our center has restricted access and is equipped with security cameras throughout the building. Only parents and clinicians will have access to view their child’s session.

Our center will be constantly disinfected and clients’ work area will be equipped with products that are readily available to ensure viruses do not spread. This will be a safe space that has restricted access inside and outside the building to ensure a safe and therapeutic environment for staff and clients.

Our Clinicians and Technicians

Our staff believes in our mission to help autistic children and their families develop skills to live healthy and functional lives. Our clinicians are trained to deliver high-quality ABA services through extensive years of practice and educational achievement in the field. There is a weekly training that is held to ensure a deeper understanding of the science of human behavior. Every staff member of our autism therapy services goes through a thorough background check and also holds a CPR and Safety-Care certification. BCBAs directly supervise each child’s program implementation each week and make changes or give additional training to staff as needed.

Our Diversity Statement

As a professional and outstanding ABA autism therapy company, we believe in the importance of diversity and inclusivity at our workplace and the communities we serve. We celebrate everyone’s unique character and background, thereby welcoming their contribution to our team. We recognize the differences that make each person special. Our commitment to diversity extends beyond the clients we serve and encompasses our dedicated staff members, families, and communities. GSA promises to provide a safe, inclusive, and empowering environment for our clients and team members.

therapist teaching a child

Our Mission Statement

GOLDEN STARS ABA (GSA) therapy believes in high-quality ABA therapy and the client’s potential to excel without limitations. Our treatment goal is to prepare children for academic, social, and personal success. Our primary goal as a practice is to enhance the lives of children on the spectrum by developing effective interventions that produce positive changes in their lives.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide transformative assistance that empowers individuals with autism spectrum disorder to achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. Our path to actualizing this vision is by enriching the lives of children on the spectrum by implementing evidence-based interventions that yield tangible improvements in their communication and language abilities. We strive to enhance their social and academic skills, equipping them with the tools they need to achieve success both in school and in life.

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